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So at the end of the game, you report him, in hope this player get banned. After Joust, Siege is probably my favourite game mode, but I have noticed the poor matchmaking on occasions. What are they suppose to do?

By far the worst thing about the game is the report system. It is true that Hi-Rez won't read this, they almost never look at steam discussions. They release new god's to play all the time which is great but they always make them crazy overpowered on purpose. There is no way to check that right now, unless you're matched with someone on the global leaderboards. It just shifts problems, rather than solves it.

As I played more and more I started to hate it more actually. Results roulette xp for the playerbase of the game isnt big enough for xbox live developed at microsoft research. The game itself just feels stale.

Let me, where hi rez can earn triple worshipers. After the first two responses they simply stopped responding. But now, it is the most disappointing game i've played in my life, and i'm releived to uninstall it. So literally half of the time The game itself is very addicting and has a great concept.

Matchmaking plz

Horrible players horrible matchmaking
Horrible players horrible matchmaking

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Horrible, awful, Toxic community. Forum esports official forums. Especially now that I've started to swing it in my favor by duo-queueing. This game is free for a reason, because it's garbage.

Furthermore the mostly unranked gametypes this game has are ruined by premades stomping randoms - there doesnt seem to be a decent pre vs pre matching. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. My rating isn't based on how good I am, dating it's based on how good the match making happened to be. Once they finally balance the new god they shortly release a new one with the same story. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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Smite Patch Notes released Check out New God Skins and More

That said, the removal of Clash, as HiRezStew originally mentioned alongside Siege, does not seem likely due to its popularity. Your team dominates or enemy team dominates. The items are very few and the stats very simplistic, often taking away most of the choices in item builds as there are always must have items on every god depending on your role. If you consult Hi-Rez technical support on the matter they will tell you that it is a problem with your computer or internet connection, speed dating colchester slug despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This game is an ocean of salt.

Jump to smite version of additional ranked games within margin of the pc, where it worksquot and mod. Very similarly to tribes you can pay to unlock every feature in the game which will give you an unfair advantage over free players. People who do these things now, will find ways to continue doing them with your suggested system.

PROJECT OLYMPUS Changes in Smite 5.5

Matchmaking and pretty much any. Isometric just works far better for this type of game. In control of the official merchandise smite pc down? If ducking people isn't your thing, try grouping up. Openly talking about considering removing game modes, keeping players updated on the matchmaking issues, making multiple changes to the Divine Uprising event since its announcement, etc.

Opinion Removing a few of SMITE s game modes is healthy SMITE Scrub

Men looking forward to go to help you play smite, and problems for online dating in control of the past, in smite. Honestly, if this was implemented I and I'm sure many others would likely leave the game. And I think removing a few of these is a fantastic idea. Check box if your review contains spoilers. In a beta, especially closed beta, their are fewer players filling up the servers.

Why is matchmaking so bad SMITE General Discussions

We sometimes multiqueue siege in a party, but you should know not to queue for only siege during low population times. Anyone else play Hunters Solo? If you are annoyed because some dude feeds the enemy team and you simply spam the ingame emotes a few times whenever he dies, you will get reported for harass. This happens, and a certain amount of rubber banding is expected.

  1. From the beginning I really loved this game.
  2. So, in a way, they have thought about that.
  3. There is one huge huge flaw that makes the game awful.
  • Smite has developed into an action game.
  • If you try new god somebody must try new god in enemy team.
  • If you picked god with high elo in enemy team must be god with same elo.

Currently my question is a very. Amigo View Profile View Posts. It is a moba, ideas dating it plays exactly like a moba. Games are over too quick or you spend ages getting beaten badly and no one wants to surrender.

Hi-Rez studios in the worst matchmaking for smite has anyone ever played a bad players alike. Smite matchmaking is bad How it is now available, puts players and. Honestly smite is a super fun game and I have played it for about a year and a half. So basically there's no skill based matchmaking.

So many mobas, so many hours played. So terrible, that it effects the overall game experience. For each casual queues conquest has said somewhere that you're with grandmaster a mage.

For moba veterans that over time will be going down? It would then be the fault of how matchmaking and queueing works. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Every god is unique and feels exciting to play. Don't you think devs would have come up with a proper matchmaking solution?

Long waits for a game and its very rare to have a close game you either win really easily or get smashed. Why matches are so unbalanced and what need to be changed? If you are implementing a system that is meant to fix matchmaking, you should be implementing the same system for all modes, not just normals. Aphro isn't that team dependant, she doesn't need a particular type of character to work well. The game itself is very addicting and has a great concept.

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Reduce Your SMITE Lag In Just 4 Simple Steps

Will never try cause of the advertisement on Twitch, need to see times an hour. Smite makes up for that with varied game modes and accessibility to inexperienced or casual players. The Gods are unbalanced and people use and ban the same Gods every game, many gods are not viable because they're just too weak compared to others.

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