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So using the information above when was my ammo made? Any boxes of cartridges listed here will be full and factory loaded cartridges unless indicated otherwise. Generally, boxes are found with folded box construction and the cartridge pic is on the lower half of the front label. Add another collectible box to the list. Winchester continued using styrofoam trays.

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Having access to more brass than I could ever use, I choose recently manufactured cases, of whatever caliber, for my general reloading. Out of my personal collection, this is one of the four label-dated. Find More Posts by fidelity. Lewis also had an interesting military career.

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This page is updated frequently, please check back often. Send a private message to foxfirerodandgun. This double-wall, string-pull box is thought to be the earliest Gov't contract Smokeless box.

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It is full and in excellent condition. This box is full and in excellent condition. One of the rarest cartridges to find in an original box. Both boxes contained red plastic trays with white foam inserts. There are different markings on each end of the box.

There can be none nicer in existence! Those found full have more often than not been re-sealed somewhere along the way, sometimes skillfully, usually not. Further, the cartridges in this box are exceptionally clean with original patina, york new not cleaned or polished. Ctdgs all native to the box. The cartridges show some typical corrosion mainly around the case necks and primer pockets but are correct and original in every regard.

Rarely encountered labeling! Very hard to find box, cheap! While ca mids, it remains in a pre type taped construction box. Find More Posts by d'Artagnan.

From my personal collection. These boxes are normally found with green labels, these tan ones are much scarcer. Though missing a small part of the lower left end label, this box is exceptionally solid with no seam splits or other problems.

The dot pattern on lid front label is from the Cummins Cryptographic machine. Major Edie had been a member of the military board which selected the Springfield trapdoor rifle for adoption by the Army. Kings Mills address, mids. Box shows modest wear and bottom ends are separated as is typical for these taped construction boxes carrying heavy ctdgs. Only very minor sharp edge rubs and waterspotting on lid top label.

Solid with tight seams and flaps. Email any questions of for pricing on specific boxes. Loading is grs blk pwdr behind the gr patched bullet. The box is dark, but not as dark as the scan shows!

Though not noted anywhere on the box these Jacketed Hollow Point bullets were only grains. Great color with only a very minor flaw at lower left lid corner, looks case fresh! No cases, but it does have a styrofoam tray.

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The first letter indicates the year, the second letter the month. The most potent of all the Winchester proprietary calibers, this box contains the gr Full Metal Case loading. Unusual for these heavy caliber, taped construction boxes, the box integrity is excellent with no splits or other seam separations. From Omaha, the crate was shipped to Lt.

Would love to get some of the old Winchester boxes with the bear on them boxes in pristine shape - don't need the ammo. Rare opportunity to acquire a real piece of history. At some point during this timeframe some round pistol caliber trays changed from one-up-one-down open trays to white styrofoam. The stenciling on the wood crate shows that it was initially sent to Major John R. Has a couple rubs but remains a rare and displayable, solid box with good color!

  1. When you compare this box to the Winchester Bear box see below you can see what a bargain this is!
  2. This is a rare box in one of the less commonly found calibers for the Winchester Model rifle.
  3. The highly sought Double Train box from the earlys.

Solid box, with no splits or repairs. Which is self evident, because my opinions are so awesome! No splits or even weak spots, no repairs, just like the factory shipped it. Solid box with all orig ctdgs. This caliber getting very difficult to find!

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Full of original ctdgs, no seam or label problems. Occasionally I'm either forced to use, want to use, or experiment with older cases. So I'm thinking that it does not have the lead free primers. These were recently found by a picker, craigslist brunswick ga packed away in a non-original wood crate in a garage.

There are no other labels on this box, typical of this early style labeling. Box shows some darkening and a label chip on the lid, but is, nonetheless, an impossible box to find! Those found full have more often than not been re-sealed somewhere along the way, sometimes skillfully, more often not. No seam splits or repairs, all original, perks of dating native-to-the-box ctdgs.

  • All such boxes are scarce and desirable.
  • Cartridges are exceptionally clean with original patina.
  • Box is solid with all original ctdgs.

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The box obviously shows some wear and one bottom end-edge is separated, common with these early taped construction boxes. This box is solid and in very good condition, with the exception of several areas of silverfish damage on the ends. Ctdgs all appear native to the box. These were usually stored in the county court house where, more often than not, they were never needed. It, too, has the black plastic tray with white foam insert.

Several functions may not work. Tight seams all around, most unusual in that condition. Send a private message to d'Artagnan. Great box full of beautiful, original paper-patched ctdgs. From my personal collection, this is only the early green Brit box I've ever offered!

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Pictured thus because the label covers both front and back as well as the lid-top. Cartridges and box are in excellent condition. Yes, it's partial and the labels are dark, site but you'd have to be extremely lucky to find another! Label has what appears to be a sharp cut at right edge but box integrity almost as new as are the ctdgs.

Dating Winchester Boxes I am a new member and have a question regarding the dates of manufacture of the following Winchester ammunition. Boxes and ammo were made by Remington. Perhaps the most collectible of all Remington boxes is this very limited series, both as to longevity and the number of calibers in which it was issued. Now that I've seen a example of the Winclean ammo, mine is not.

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Loading is grs Blk Pwdr behind the gr patched bullet. Both Sunbursts are scuffed but obvious as to their call-outs. Pulling this string tears the paper wrapper across the end of the box, then across the back and the other end.

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