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Believing Maverick to be a player, Roxanne is hesitant to share the L word and when his ex wife Psyche shows up, she may just lose the chance to tell him her heart. He, at least, had the grace to look sheepish as his afternoon romp dashed for the bathroom with a shouted, You prick! Never forget the sex- steamy, sultry, and hot, it really is another level of connecting her characters to one another. For a book that is less than three hours long, I was surprised of the world building, and thoroughness of each character. You have to go into it with a lighthearted mood.

No mention is made of justice be served on the actual culprit. Louisa finds herself abducted along with a busload of her students. When Maverick Eros gets wind of her actions, he follows the lead of his team by setting up a meeting with the troublemaker. This was the funniest book by far in the series.

  • Remy knows his mate is at the frat party, despite his efforts to get close, she rebuffs him.
  • That being said, it was a short fun read.
  • Oxford-educated psychologist Gemma Calloway should fight her abductor tooth and claw, but loyalty to her old friend wins out.

Dating Cupid

Dating cupid eve langlais read online

Though why they didn't think to run the glass of frozen water under the hot water tap is beyond me. He needed those skills to survive fourteen months as a prisoner of Firebird, a shadowy Russian cartel. Although I choked while listening, there was a funny part that I wasn't prepared for and was in the process of chewing. One hundred percent guarantee love match, my ass.

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Dating Cupid (2011)

But I shouldn't have hesitated or second guessed one of my favorite authors. They are the typical meddling mothers and I can relate that. It was a really cute story. If I need a chuckle or just a fun read Eve is my go to author.

Dating Cupid - Read book online

Fun and quite sex and rather short. And what a book to start on. That is when he meets his match.

Eve Langlais

May finds a alien at work in the pool drowning, he does not swim since his planet is almost void of water, craigavon dating she saves him and takes him home knowing the military is looking for him. What can I say about this short piece? The characters were interesting and Loveable. It was funny that both of them were convinced someone had put a spell on them to want the other so badly.

This is a quintessential Eve Langlais book. Eve Langlais has a comedic and sexy way of writing. Nothing beats the flirty fun you find reading something by Eve Langlais. Read online the first chapters of this book! The witty banter is just to die for, I suggest not munching while reading.

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Dating Cupid This was one of the funniest books I ever read. Roxanne has tried to find love but was always cheated on by the one she was dating. He's very shocked to know that they ha Roxanne has tried to find love but was always cheated on by the one she was dating. Maverick aka Cupid, I liked. Not even cupid's arrow can break them up as their love is true.

She can't stop looking at him or thinking about him. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Only, austin and ally it's not quite abandoned as it is home to a recently self aware female droid.

This is book four in the alien abduction series. While this can be read as a stand alone there is a continuing story arc from book one so it will make the most sense if read in order. As much as it broke her heart, I think it prepared her to know what she wanted and when she met Maverick, she was able to recognize there was something more.

If you love a good romance with a lot of smiles this is definitely a good book for you. As usual Eve Langlais brings the funny in her romantic comedy novellas! She tore open the pink envelope to find a card. Evil green aliens wants to sell her into sex slavery. The moment Roxanne walks into Maverick's office she knows something is wrong.

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This was a quick read, but it was good! Can they learn to trust again? For me the book is way to short no good book is less the pages. These two stories deals with forbidden love between a vampire and a werewolf and their struggles to be together.

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Alone, she shook and hugged herself, the betrayal of her supposed lover hurting her more deeply than she would ever admit to anyone. The great thing is when you buy one of Eve's books there is no question on if the book will be well written, edited, complete world development, or card board characters. As a result of her smear campaign, the boss of the company, Maverick Eros, cheese sends Roxanne a letter, threatening a lawsuit if she doesn't stop her attempts to ruin his good name.

Roxanne is a woman on a mission. You have one hour to clear out before I show you that you chose the wrong woman to fuck around on. But both Maverick and Roxanne carry painful scars from past relationships and want to make sure what they feel for each other is more than blistering lust but the foundation for an eternity of love. Just one electrifying touch leaves poor Maverick hungering to know her, his thoughts totally consumed by her beauty. Have it in audio This is a short audio novella.

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Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Maverick immediately suspects someone has set his own powers against him. It has sass, humor, completely best and a lot of naughtiness.

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Dating Cupid by Eve Langlais

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But the sex scenes were hot. This book is my favorite thus far. Newly dumped insurance claims investigator Tammy Roberts is sent to Alaska to investigate why three trucks belonging to Beark Enterprises have been reported missing.

  1. Well, I think Bunny and the Bear may be one of those types of books.
  2. Mostly due to her hilarious and sexy Welcome to Hell and Princess of Hell series.
  3. This story is about Cupid who has modernized his way of finding people love and has been spot on until Roxanne.
  4. When they meet we know that there will be some This is a quintessential Eve Langlais book.
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  6. Maverick is single by choice.

If you're serious about Greek mythology, skip this one. This was a great story, sweet, funny, and very hot as Roxanne and Cupid date, have sizzling hot sex and fall in love. She paid a high monthly fee for her condo security, and she intended to make good use of it. Which she finds out later is a military liut. Boris is as bullheaded a moose as it gets!

Renee has been in captivity as long as she remembers. This book answered some questions that I ask when I reviewed the second book. Centuries ago, a woman totally snowed him, so he's not going to let another woman into his heart. Psyche orchestrated the arrow that was shot into Roxanne's butt but who really shot the arrow?

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